Serve Change Inc.

Our mission is to make tennis more accessible for kids who want to play! We do this by hosting and sponsoring events, donating gear to individuals and organizations, and providing grants. We believe tennis has the power to change lives, and we are here to make a difference!

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Our story

How Serve change Inc. came to be, and what we have accomplished!

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2021 • November

The beginning

In November, 2021, Serve Change Inc. was born out of a desire to leverage our knowledge, experience, and passion to make a difference.

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2022 • January

The Real Work Begins

In January, 2020, Serve Change Inc. became a registered 501(c)(3)! We now had strong sense of what we wanted to accomplish with this non-profit and how we hoped to change lives, and we began meticulously planning our inaugural event.

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2022 • June

First Event

On 24 June, 2022, we kicked off our very first event at Alameda High school in California! through months of planning and coordinating with coaches in the area, we were able to host an awesome event for some very deserving kids hoping to get more involved with tennis (Check out the "Events" tab for details!).

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What's Next?

We are currently working on some awesome donation drives and events for this year and next! Our mission would not be possible without your help and donations, thank you for helping us Serve Change!

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Our vision

Serve Change Inc. is currently focused on the San Francisco and Nashville areas. These communities are home to vibrant youth organizations and growing junior tennis programs, and we are excited to play a role in creating opportunities for these kids. Our end goal is to have a significant impact on junior tennis both nationwide and worldwide.

Our values

Why Tennis Matters

Tennis is a lifetime sport that promotes health benefits, social skills, problem-solving skills through teamwork and critical thinking, and so much more. Tennis has been linked to positive outcomes in children in school performance and social behavior.

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Dream It

“Your greatness is not what you get, it’s what you give.”

Our Serve Change Family is dedicated to building a tennis non-profit that positively affects the lives of people all around the United States. We have been so fortunate to play tennis, and now we want to pay it forward. Tennis is a lifetime sport. Help us by donating, and let’s Serve Change!

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Build It

  1. Build a reputable brand that is recognized across the tennis community
  2. Successful social media presence to raise support for our mission
  3. Host and sponsor multiple events throughout the year
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Grow It

  1. Collaborate with tennis clubs, like-minded non-profits, and any individuals who want to help
  2. Donate grants, scholarships, and gear to individuals and organizations in need
  3. Continue to bring the joy of tennis to people


We are available to discuss donations, inquiries, or anything else. Let's work together to Serve Change for others.

What items can I donate?
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We take any and all related tennis donations. Whether its shoes, clothes, rackets, gear, etc. We will take it all. Every donation will reach an under-served tennis center. Refer to our mailing address above on where to send donations.

Where do donations go?
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Serve Change will announce where donations are heading on our website.   Our main focus areas for 2022 are the Bay Area and Nashville region.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?
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We are available 24/7! Please reach out either email at: or contact our Board Members via email:

Myles Conlin:

Will Ockerman:

Benjamin Davies:

Is your organization 501(c)(3)?
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Yes, we are. Any money donations can be used as a tax write off.

What is Serve Change's mission?
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Our mission is to make tennis more accessible for anyone who wants to play! Tennis equipment is a big barrier for individuals and our goals are to provide free gear and even money for people to start enjoying tennis.

Will Serve Change clean clothing and shoes?
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Yes! All you need to do is send us the clothing, shoes, or anything else. We will thoroughly clean and sanitize each donation item before giving it away.