We're Making Tennis Accessible for all kids

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make tennis more accessible for kids around the world, and we do this by hosting and sponsoring events, donating gear to individuals and organizations, and providing grants. We believe tennis has the power to change lives, and we are here to make a difference!

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Our Vision

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Dream it

“Your greatness is not what you get, it’s what you give.”

Our Serve Change Family is dedicated to building a tennis non-profit that positively affects the lives of people all around the United States and world. We have been so fortunate to play tennis, and now we want to pay it forward. Tennis is a lifetime sport. Help us by donating, and let’s Serve Change!

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Build it

  1. Build a reputable brand that is recognized across the tennis community
  2. Successful social media presence to raise support for our mission
  3. Host and sponsor multiple events throughout the year
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Grow it

  1. Collaborate with tennis clubs, like-minded non-profits, and any individuals who want to help
  2. Donate grants, scholarships, and gear to individuals and organizations in need
  3. Continue to bring the joy of tennis to people

Reach out to us

Please reach out to us! We are happy to answer any questions about our organization and mission or assist you in any way we can.

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29 Kilkenny Court, Alameda, CA 94502
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